No Strippers. No Nightclubs. Just a hen party to remember.

There were only two rules for my Hen Party – No Strippers, No Nightclubs. After that I’d do literally anything, I’d jump off a waterfall while firing a paintball gun at a chocolate decorating class while wearing a flashing veil and eating phallic sweets, but NO strippers and NO nightclubs! These are Hen Party activities I’ve never really understood. On any other Saturday night, my friends and I would never go clubbing, paying £15 to dance to over loud, terrible music while lining up, shoes sticking to the floor, to spend another £15 on a weak cocktail. Neither would we scream and catcall at a load of naked, hairless men while they danced around, oiled up to ‘Pony’. Yet once a hen party comes around these activities shoot to the top of the list! Why?

Weddings are seen as beacons of tradition and people do things they never normally would because its ‘what’s done’. You and your fiancé, who live together, spend the night before your wedding apart for some reason. You get married in a church even though you haven’t set foot in one for over a decade. And when your Hen Party comes around, you go to a nightclub and get a stripper. I am a fan of tradition and what it stands for, but I don’t see the point of doing something just because it’s ‘what you do’. This is your time, it’s an exciting and thrilling one, do what you want!

Why not try something a little different? Something that reflects who you are as a woman? Something that won’t get you groped by a stranger on a dance floor during an Ariana Grande song, or get a stranger’s willy waggled in your face? My own hen party was the best day I have ever had. Me and my 12 closest girlfriends went for a drink and were approached by a ‘police officer’ who informed us that my fiancé had been kidnapped and needed our help to save him! We had to run around Dublin city centre looking for clues to help us free my future husband from his demented captor (who looked suspiciously like one of my bridesmaids in a hat and sunglasses….) Luckily we were successful! After the rescue mission, we went to a teppanyaki restaurant to enjoy some flying food, a quick serenade from the house band, then back to a hotel for a slumber party and hilarious games, including making wedding dresses out of toilet paper and sticking a dickie (bow) to a picture of my fiancé while blindfolded.

I couldn’t have had a better time and we all loved that it was something a little different, a change from the standard nightclub/stripper fare. If you’re like me and are planning a Hen Party this summer, either for yourself or a friend, and want to do something a little out of the ordinary, why not try an outdoor screening at The Nomad Cinema, the roaming pop-up that gives back. Donating 100% of its profits to charity, The Nomad creates a very special festival atmosphere. More than just providing screenings of great films in great locations, Nomad events immerse you in the flavour of the film, with quality catering, goodie bags, and the feeling of having done something positive for charity.

A Nomad screening is the perfect setting for an alternative Hen Party. Imagine arriving at the screening, picnics in hand, L-Plates in place, you sit in a unique and beautiful location and enjoy a fantastic film together while munching on Divine chocolate, sipping on chilled fizz and lounging in your own special ‘magic carpet’ haven. It’s perfect!

This summer The Nomad Cinema are offering special tickets for Hen Parties at their screenings of Orlando, Marie Antoinette, Casablanca, Romeo + Juliet and When Harry Met Sally. Hen Parties can enjoy the following exclusive group tickets;

  • The Chick package (groups of 5+) – a ‘hen box’ of Divine chocolate
  • The Brood package (groups of 10+) – a ‘hen box’ of Divine chocolate + bottle of fizz + ‘magic carpet’ hen set up (includes magic carpet + back supports + blankets + twinkly lights) 1 Nomad
  • The Flock package (groups of 15+) – a ‘hen box’ of Divine chocolate + one glass of fizz per person + ‘magic carpet’ set up (includes magic carpet + back supports + blankets + twinkly lights)

A Hen Party with The Nomad Cinema

To enjoy this exclusive offer, simply email and enjoy a night you and your Hens will never forget! No strippers, no nightclubs, just fun.

Thank you to Jennifer Leigh Allen from The Nomad Cinema for this guest blog.  More details and information can be found on Organise A Hen.


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